Jeanie Buss wants fans to watch NCAA Tournament to see who’s “worthy of wearing a Lakers jersey”

Jeanie Buss has a message for the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers: Watch this year’s NCAA tournament closely and see if you can spot somebody who’s “worthy of wearing a Lakers jersey.”

That’s what Jeanie’s going to be doing over the next few weeks, anyway.

“I want Laker fans to watch the NCAA Tournament and watch these players have this great platform and see who they like [and] who they think should be worthy of wearing a Lakers jersey. That’s where you start to see the personality. That’s the part that I like. I like to see the leadership on the court. Who fits that Laker profile?” Buss said during a sit-down interview with Time Warner Cable SportsNet’s Bill Macdonald. “And that’s what’s kind of fun. Even though we’re eliminated from having an opportunity to be in the playoffs this year, there are things to look forward to such as we will be a team that will participate in the lottery, and as the tournament unfolds, hopefully we’ll see something just like my dad saw something special about Magic Johnson and why he ended up drafting him. These are kind of exciting moments to think about the future.”

Imagine if the Lakers end up with the number one overall pick once again like in 1979 when Dr. Buss selected Magic Johnson out of Michigan State.

Going into Friday night’s game against the Washington Wizards, the Lakers were projected to receive the fifth overall selection in June’s draft. However, thanks to the NBA’s lottery system, the Lakers could end up with the first overall pick if the ping pong balls fall their way on May 20.

That’s why Lakers management and fans alike are keeping an extra close eye on this year’s tournament.

However, Jabari Parker is one prospect who we sadly won’t get to watch anymore after the Duke Blue Devils were eliminated in the first round by the Mercer Bears earlier today.

An emotional Parker said after the game that the shocking loss would “definitely” affect his future decision, though he wouldn’t indicate if that meant he was planning on going back to school or declaring for the draft in June.

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