Jeremy Lin says Nick Young’s Swaggy P nickname is “ridiculous”


Jeremy Lin isn’t convinced of Nick Young’s “swaggyness.” Yet.

During an interview last week, Lin said he found Young’s Swaggy P nickname “ridiculous” and instead chooses to call the Lakers’ scorer by his birth name.

“I call him Nick Young. He’s super cool but I just find it ridiculous that everyone comes in and just calls him ‘Swaggy.’ You gotta earn it or something,” Lin said with a smile on his face. “Maybe he has, but I just got here. Maybe I’ll adopt [it] eventually.”

So, what does Nick need to do for Lin to change his mind?

“I guess it just has to be something that I see,” Lin said. “That when I look at him he just glows with swaggyness. I’m not there yet.”

However, the Lakers’ new point guard is willing to call young by his Swaggy P moniker if it really means that much to the L.A. native.

“He’s hilarious, he’s really cool,” Lin said, who, like Young, is one of the more easy going players in the league. “Just out of respect for him, being eight years in, if he wants me to call him Swaggy P I guess I will. But besides that, I’ll call him Nick Young.”

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