via The Sun

via The Sun

Being the daughters of Lakers owner and executive Jim Buss has some serious perks, such as Kobe Bryant giving you a shout out on Instagram (“I’ve watched them grow from babies to young ladies.”) and having Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss as your uncle and auntie.

There are other advantages, too, such as hanging out with British boyband One Direction.

During their recent visit to L.A., Buss’ daughters, Micaela and Milahna, managed to snag a photo opportunity with the entire band.

It seems that the girls also got the opportunity to meet Harry Styles on a separate occasion as they posted more photos with the 20-year-old a few days later.

This wasn’t Harry’s first run in with the Lakers.

Last year, Jodie Meeks and Jordan Farmar got some shots up with Styles, and Meeks even dunked on the singer.

Maybe that’s why the Lakers decided not to re-sign Meeks this summer – I’m not sure Micaela and Milahna would’ve approved of Meeks putting Harry in a poster.