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Jim Buss explains the Lakers’ decision making process; reveals who is involved in the discussions


Despite Jim Buss being involved in the decision making process for the Los Angeles Lakers for over a decade now, many fans are still uneasy about Dr. Jerry Buss‘ son running their beloved franchise.

However, Jim isn’t the only one in charge; all of Dr. Buss’ children own a stake of the team, and Jim himself said yesterday that Jeanie Buss has the “ultimate say” when it comes to decision making.

Yesterday, Jim also explained the decision making process to AM570 radio, as well as revealing the people who are regularly involved in the team’s discussions:

[pullquote]Jim Buss: It’s a long process to get to a final answer. Let’s say a trade or a draft pick – any of the decisions that we have to make, it gets to the point where if there is a feeling of…this person wants to do it this way and another person wants to do it another way, we’ll sit and talk it out until it gets to a team decision.

Now, if it was completely fifty-fifty, I guess it would be me who would say, “OK, we’re gonna go this way,” but that’s rarely happened in the way we do business at the Lakers.

Host: You say it’s “rarely” happened – has it happened?

Buss: No.

Host: So it’s not happened yet. So far you have worked in tandem, and you have said “the team” – who else is involved in those decisions?

Buss: It depends on what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about a trade or a draft pick, “Who do we draft?” – the scouts are involved in everything. It basically comes down to Mitch and myself talking it out. Our assistant general manager Glenn [Carraro] has a lot of input and we have three or four other people that are in the office that have knowledge of the game. We’ll have group meetings, but ultimately, Mitch and I sit down face to face and hopefully we’re on the same page. If not, we’ll get on the same page.[/pullquote]

Once again, people need to give Jim, Jeanie and the new Lakers’ regime some time before they crucify them and call for an overhaul; Dr. Buss set up the system to work this way and it has been working for the past decade or so.

Now that Dr. Buss has passed on, the Buss children need to be given a good few years to figure things out on their own before we can truly assess their performance.

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