Jordan Crawford on Kobe’s in-game hissing: “He’s really a mamba”

Kobe Bryant is known as the Black Mamba. He’s also known to “hiss” during games.

Jordan Crawford recently discussed this matter on Dan LeBatard’s show, and this quote from the interview was typed up by Dan Devine:

LeBatard: Can you give me a time that you were on the court, on a professional basketball court, and you looked to your right or your left and said, “I can’t believe I’m up here with this guy?” kobe-black-mamba

Crawford: I did it with two people. I did with Vince Carter my rookie year. I couldn’t believe I was playing him, I was checking him. And then Kobe, of course. When I first played with Kobe, I was hearing — like, they call him “The Black Mamba” — and then he was doing, like, the little snake sounds when he wanted the ball. (laughs) It was crazy. It was crazy. It was crazy. So, them two moments.

LeBatard: Wait a minute — what was this sound? He was calling for the ball by making a snake sound?

Crawford: Yeah, it’s like, tssss, tssss. It’s like, “Fish, Fish, Fisher — tsssss, tssss.” He’d do that. (laughs) And it’s like, they call him, they say — like, everybody tells you he’s gonna do it before you play him. Like, “Wait ’till you hear him do this.” And then he do it, and it’s like, “What?” Like he’s really a mamba.

A lot of you probably already know that Kobe does this, but it’s always cool to get a little extra insight into what goes on during a game.

Oh, and Kobe even chimed in on the “hissing” thing on Twitter earlier:

Also, NBA players all wore red warm-up tops last night to celebrate Chinese New Year – and guess what? It’s the Year of the Snake. Of course.

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