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Kobe Bryant comments on the Donald Sterling situation, praises the Buss family

Photo: L.A. Times
Photo: L.A. Times

“I couldn’t play for him.”

Kobe Bryant kept it short and sweet when sharing his thoughts on the extremely messy Donald Sterling situation.

Bryant made the comments on his Twitter account over the weekend.

Sterling has been under fire since Friday night when TMZ released an apparent audio recording of him making racist remarks to his alleged girlfriend V. Stiviano. This lead to the basketball world calling for the NBA to somehow remove Sterling from the league.

Bryant, who was reportedly close to signing as a free agent with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2004, made it clear that he thinks there’s no way back for Sterling and he should be forced to sell the team.

“No,” Bryant stated, “He should not continue owning the Clippers. #nochance #noway #nohow.”

The five-time NBA champion also admitted that the Stirling situation makes him realize just how lucky the Lakers’ organization is to have the Buss family.

“In times like this is where we need to appreciate the Buss family!” Bryant said, along with the hashtags, “#DrB #Jeanie #Jimmy #thankyou #LakerNation.”

Bryant has had his ups and downs with the Busses over the years – he even questioned Jim and Jeanie’s leadership back in March – though, overall, it seems that Kobe has a great deal of trust and respect for the Buss family.

The NBA is expected to announce their punishment for Sterling on Tuesday.

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