Kobe Bryant Gave Some Amazing Advice To Isaiah Thomas And Now I Want Him As My Life Coach

Like so many players in the NBA today, Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas grew up watching Kobe Bryant dominate the league for many years. Now, with Bryant set to retire at the end of the season, players like Thomas are taking the time to talk with the 20-year veteran during his last go-around.

Thomas got the chance to meet with Kobe in Boston last week, and he was clearly buzzing after their encounter. Thomas told the Boston Globe that Bryant spoke to him for around 20 minutes.

“It was probably the best talk I’ve ever had,” Thomas said.

So, what exactly did Kobe tell the 26-year-old?

“He told me this story about how a lion seeks food, whatever he’s gonna kill and eat,” Thomas said, who scored 24 points and dished out 7 assists in Boston’s loss to the Lakers. “And you know how many bugs are on the lion’s eyes and gnats on his body? He’s so locked in on that zebra that he doesn’t get distracted by anything else. He said if you get distracted by little things, then you’re not as locked in as you think you are. He said for me to be a lion, and that’s gonna stick with me the rest of my life.”

Did you hear that guys? Be a lion. Ignore the distractions – ignore the bugs – and be a lion. Awesome.

Now I want Kobe to be my life coach. I wonder how much he charges?

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