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Kobe Bryant returns to Germany for knee treatment?

PHOTO: L.A. Times
PHOTO: L.A. Times

You know it’s nearly go time when the Black Mamba flies over to Germany for the “Kobe Treatment,” and that’s exactly what the 36-year-old did this past weekend.

Well, that’s what we think he did, anyway.

Bryant definitely spent the weekend in Munich – he even posted the photos to prove it – though there’s no official word on whether the five-time NBA champion actually went through with another dose of Regenokine treatment.

As described by Will Carroll from Bleacher Report, Regenokine is a treatment that involves the patient’s blood being “removed from up to three weeks beforehand, mixed with other substances and then re-injected.” Carroll says it’s “believed that many US patients have their blood drawn, frozen and shipped to Germany ahead of their treatment by an American affiliate, Dr. Christian Renna.”

Since 2012, Bryant has undergone the knee treatment a number of times and has experienced positives results along the way.

“The proof is in the pudding,” Lakers head athletic trainer Gary Vitti said of the treatment. “Kobe ran better, he felt better, we didn’t have half the issues we had the year before.”

After appearing in just six games last season, Bryant is said to now be fully healthy and ready to go. Hopefully, if Kobe really did head to Germany for the knee treatment, we’ll see a revitalized Mamba next season who is able to stay healthy and perform for his longtime team on a nightly basis.

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