Kobe Bryant’s final game was extremely exciting. In fact, it was so exciting that Kobe decided to dance like Michael Jackson after his final trip to the free throw line!

What? You didn’t see Kobe moonwalk at the line last week?!

Well, to tell the truth, neither did we until Ellen DeGeneres and her team decided to have a little fun with the Black Mamba’s final free throws.

In her “Last Week in Dance” segment, Bryant was seen boogying at the line like the late, great Michael Jackson.

The Ellen audience can be heard cheering when Bryant first pops up on the screen, though that cheering soon changes into laughter as the five-time NBA champion moonwalks from the 15-foot line before sinking one of the final free throws of his career.

The video also features clips of Snoop Doog and Jack Nicholson celebrating at Kobe’s final game, though their moves were actually realĀ and didn’t require any editing.

Well played, Ellen. Well played.