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Kobe Bryant: More than one of the greatest of all-time


As a kid growing up in Southern California, Kobe Bryant is obviously one of the biggest names in sports. I knew he used to be known as the greatest NBA player, but to be honest, I still believe he is. I’ll admit, I wasn’t so engaged in basketball until I hit middle school. It wasn’t until this season that I realized there was more to Kobe than just being a talented basketball player. I think to myself, 17 years in the league and he’s playing at such a high level. 

No one can naturally play in the league this well for so long. Kobe obviously does something to keep himself this healthy. He has credited his diet for what keeps him going. Truthfully, it isn’t his diet that’s the key to how phenomenal he’s been playing. It’s his competitive mentality. Kobe wouldn’t have changed his diet if he didn’t care about winning. He wouldn’t stay up until 3 in the morning taking thousands of shots. A man so dedicated and so willing like Kobe Bryant is absolutely unheard of.

Everyone knows Kobe Bryant plays through injuries. However, when he severely sprained his ankle in the game at Atlanta, he was said to be out indefinitely. Although, knowing Kobe, many doubted he would sit out. Two days later, news broke out that Kobe would start for the game against the Indiana Pacers. When I heard about this, my jaw dropped. To be honest, I had a feeling he would want to play through it. It just blew my mind how willing he was to play through an injury that severe.

I, myself, recently sprained my ankle about a month ago and was told to not run or jump for three weeks. It was only a minor sprain! To hear how devoted Kobe is to winning absolutely astonished me. I know he’s done this for years, but he’s in his 17th season!

It’s rare that anyone like Kobe ever exists. Maybe Kobe Bryant really isn’t human after all. “Wow” is all I can say when I hear Kobe Bryant’s name. He is the most incredible athlete on the planet. Not only does he possess great talent, but his work ethic is just AMAZING. Even though he wasn’t able to play the whole game against the Pacers, Kobe still impacted the game by instructing and advising his teammates.

Man, why wouldn’t I idolize Kobe Bean Bryant? The more I watch him, the more I’m motivated to work harder and reach for my goals. People have doubted Kobe because he’s “old”. He shut those critics up because he recognizes that they were wrong and he knew what he was capable of. This pushes me into realizing that I can do anything as long as I work my hardest for it. Why do you think Kobe is pursuing his 6th ring? Because he’s always setting goals for himself, but he’s also devoting everything to accomplish it.

I can’t help but wonder how Kobe has such motivation and such heart to will himself into playing through injuries or illness. This brings me to the debate of why Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James. Kobe is no longer in his prime, yet he’s playing like he’s 24. Not to mention how many younger players he has embarrassed with his emphatic dunks. I honestly respect LeBron’s game because he’s one of the greatest athletes ever. However, what separates LeBron from Kobe is that he doesn’t possess the same work ethic as Kobe. In addition, who can forget the five rings that Kobe has compared to LeBron’s only one?

People also seem to forget that Kobe Bryant never had to leave his team to pursue a ring. LeBron was only able to get his ring because he made the decision to take his talents to Miami in pursuit of a championship ring.

How has Kobe Bryant made an impact on my life? He’s the reason why I’m so confident that I can accomplish anything as long as I set my mind to it. Before I was enlightened by the discipline he had, I only wanted my dreams to come true. But how do I expect to achieve my dreams if I didn’t take action to turn my dreams into reality? Kobe, as my biggest role model has really boosted my confidence. I have more faith in myself because how would Kobe be the great player he is without having faith in himself?

I really want to thank him for being the reason why I’m a stronger person. I want to thank him for how much work and heart he puts in to entertain and open the heart and mind of a Lakers fan like me. I want to thank him for sacrificing so much for winning.

In conclusion, I want to thank him for winning those five championships and having the confidence that he and his teammates can bring the Lakers their 17th championship. Thank you for everything, and I love you, Kobe!

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Written by Katelyn Tran

Katelyn is currently a student and wants to pursue her dream of becoming a writer for the NBA. Twitter @nihao_katelyn

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