Kobe Bryant on his relationship with Michael Jordan


Kobe Bryant has been compared to Michael Jordan his entire career, with many fans sometimes overlooking Kobe’s talents due to the comparison; some MJ fans hate Kobe, and vice versa. However, along the way, Bryant was able to strike up a relationship with Jordan, which allowed him to be mentored by one of his childhood heroes.

Recently in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Bryant revealed that the relationship he has with MJ is “fantastic” and the former Chicago Bull is like a big brother to him:

[pullquote]Kimmel: What’s your relationship like with Michael?

Bryant: It’s fantastic. It’s a big brother type of relationship.

Kimmel: Does he good you advice?

Bryant: Yeah he does, actually.

Kimmel: Good advice?

Bryant: Great advice. Him and Magic and those guys – Michael in particular – [have] really given me phenomenal advice in how to take a team – particularly with the personalities that we have – how to better communicate with your teammates, how to better elevate your teammates.[/pullquote]

Kobe and Michael are so alike that it’s almost scary at times. The video comparison which shows their game side-by-side tells a part of the story, but it doesn’t show how eerily similar their leadership styles are.

For Bryant to get that kind of mentorship from Jordan at a young age – and even today – had to be very special for the Black Mamba. Michael was a player who Kobe idolized while growing up, so being able to develop a brotherly-type of relationship with one of your childhood heroes has to be pretty cool.

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