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Kobe Bryant predicted Justin Bieber’s downfall


Hey Kobe, can you tell me this week’s lottery numbers?

According to Ben McGrath from The New Yorker, Kobe Bryant predicted Justin Bieber’s “looming implosion.”

Bryant and one of his business associates have a running bet regarding the “staying power” of Bieber and Katy Perry, McGrath writes.

While Bryant is siding with Perry due to her more level-headed approach to life, his friend is apparently a “Belieber” and expected the young Canadian star to outlast Perry.

However, McGrath says that Bryant has been predicting Bieber’s downfall for years, and over the past few months, the Black Mamba’s expectations have come true.

Bieber has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. From aggravating his neighbors to hanging with strippers and drag racing in Miami while under the influence, Bieber has done it all.

I don’t think Kobe was the only one to predict this outcome, though.

Bieber was first thrust into the public spotlight in his early teens, and history has shown us that most children who are given so much, so early will go off the rails at some point.

As McGrath points out in his article, Bryant was in a similar position back in the day.

As a child of a former NBA player who was a rising star at Lower Merion High School, Bryant could’ve gone down the same path as Bieber.

Before he even played in the Association, Bryant had taken famous singer Brandy to prom and signed a six-year deal with Adidas worth $48 million.

And then, within his first few seasons, Bryant won the Slam Dunk Contest, was starting in the All-Star Game and was the owner of an NBA championship ring all before his 22nd birthday.

However, the difference between Bryant and Bieber is the fact that the Black Mamba has always kept his head down during his career.

Kobe has only ever cared about getting better as a basketball player and winning championships. He was never one to be photographed while coming out of clubs at 3am or racing sports cars while drunk. Instead, he was in the gym or just chilling at home – aside from the time when he was trying to get his rap career off the ground, of course.

On the other hand, though, Bryant is betting on Katy Perry as an artist who will hang around for quite some time.

It’ll be interesting to see if Kobe’s prediction comes true.

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