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Kobe Bryant to return within next 10 days?


Kobe Bryant recently made his return to the practice court for the Los Angeles Lakers recently after being medically cleared to play on Saturday prior to the team’s practice session. On Tuesday, he participated in full 5-on-5 practice drills with his teammates at the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo.

Following the session, Bryant spoke with reporters about his recovery and how he felt after participating in the drills with his team for one of the very first times since his injury in April.

Among the questions he was asked was whether or not we can expect to see him in a fully-fledged NBA game in any of the remaining five games that the team will take part in this month, starting with this Friday against the Golden State Warriors and Sunday against the Portland Trail Blazers, followed by a three-game road trip to Washington, Brooklyn and Detroit.

via USA Today:

[pullquote]When asked if he could see himself playing in the month of November, Bryant smiled and said, “I saw myself playing today.”

When pressed about playing in a game as opposed to practice, he said, “Yeah, yeah I can.”

Bryant said he has not targeted a return date yet, but emphasized that he’ll remain patient.

“Of course, it’s definitely something where you’re kind of chomping at the bit a little bit, but we’ve come so far (that) I want to make sure – we all do – that when I step out there we’re ready to go long-haul, and it’s not something that you have to continue to have to monitor,” Bryant said. “I just went out there and just played, just tried to do what I normally do, tried to figure some things out about my game. What can I do at this stage, what I can’t do at this stage? And kind of figure my way through it. It felt good to compete.”[/pullquote]

With anticipation growing for his return, Laker fans certainly would like to see him play as soon as it is possible. However, it is best for the Mamba to come back when he feels completely comfortable and should not rush things. A day, a week, even a month if it is needed could make all the difference for someone who is in the twilight of their NBA career. An extra day or two of rest can make all the difference for the next two or three years.

All things aside, it certainly will be a sight to see when the Mamba officially makes his season debut and returns to the court for the very first time since he made those glorious free throws.

Do you think Kobe should take this process day by day in order to analyse how his body reacts to the practices he participates in with the team? Or should he come back as soon as possible to avoid having his team fall too far below .500 and end up missing the playoffs? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

This is an article by Erick Camacho. You can follow him on Twitter: @LAKERSKB_24

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