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Kobe Bryant tweets two words; gets 10,000 retweets


Twitter has a history of tweets containing one or two words that end up getting retweeted thousands and thousands of times. For example, a simple “Lol” from RayJ has landed him 73,000+ retweets to this date, although he was retweeting another tweet from Kim Kardashian (are you keeping up with us here? No pun intended, by the way.)

Kobe Bryant, who has quickly turned into a Twitter must-follow, tweeted out two words last night. At the time of writing this, the tweet has had 10,000+ retweets and 5,000+ favorites. Not bad.

What did he tweet, you ask? It was the catchphrase from one of his Nike marketing campaigns:


As soon as Kobe sent that tweet, many Twitter users wondered if the tweet was referencing anything in particular. Was it in relation to Jim Buss suggesting earlier in the day that Bryant would be back on the court by the pre-season? Was it a message to new teammates Chris Kaman and Nick Young after he followed on Twitter last night? Or was it regarding Dwight Howard‘s departure to Houston, who many fans are saying “good riddance” to?

It was probably none of those things – though I wish it was actually the last one – and Kobe was likely just keeping up appearances on Twitter while on his travels in Europe.

Whatever the message was, it had a lot of Kobe fans reacting like Kanye West in the “Kobe System” commercials:

Did this post really end up going full-circle? Yes, yes it did.

You’re welcome.

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