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Kobe Bryant wins court order to block mother from selling his memorabilia


Last week, the news broke that Kobe Bryant’s mother was trying to auction off his old memorabilia without his consent. Kobe said he was “hurt beyond measure” by his mother’s actions, and proceeded to file a court order to block the sale.

According to Bloomberg, Kobe succeeded with blocking the sale – for now:

[pullquote]All-Star basketball guard Kobe Bryant won a judge’s order that temporarily blocks a New Jersey auctioneer from selling memorabilia that has been held by his mother.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Guilford issued an order yesterday in federal court in Santa Ana,California, that blocks Goldin Auctions LLC from selling or transferring property, including “basketball jerseys, championship rings, and other sports memorabilia” that Bryant says belongs to him. Goldin Auctions said in court papers it expects to sell the items for more than $1 million and has advanced Pamela Bryant $450,000.[/pullquote]

In court papers filed yesterday, Bryant explained how he never said his mother could have the items, and how he wanted to pass them on to his own children:

[pullquote]“I never told my mother that she could have my personal property, let alone consign it for sale by public auction,” Bryant, 34, said in a court papers filed yesterday in Santa Ana.

“Several years ago, while visiting my parents’ home in Philadelphia, my wife and I specifically requested that my mother return the property to me so that I may give it to my own children,” according to Bryant’s declaration. “My mother never returned those items to me.”

“I confronted her about her false statement that I have given my memorabilia to her,” Bryant said.

“I said to her, ‘Mom, you know I never told you that you could have the memorabilia.’ Her response was, ‘Yes, but you never said you wanted it either.’ Of course, this is untrue since my wife and I requested that she return my memorabilia several years earlier.”[/pullquote]

Bizarrely, Bloomberg also reported that Kobe stated “I am also the NBA’s fourth all-time scoring leader,” in the court filing. I’m not sure where that comes into this, unless it was taken out of context.

Hopefully, this entire situation can be settled soon, but it’s likely going to take money from Kobe’s side to pay off his mother and the auction house, unless of course the court rules that Pamela Bryant illegally put the items up for auction.

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