On the eve of his return, many fans are wondering just how good Kobe Bryant will look in tomorrow’s game against the Toronto Raptors. For the most part, they’ll simply be glad to have the Black Mamba back out there on the court, but it’s still unknown how Kobe will look as a basketball player.

During practice this week, Kobe threw down a left-handed dunk in transition, yet it was obvious that his explosiveness wasn’t close to what it used to be – that doesn’t mean the spring in his legs won’t return, though; it’ll probably just take some time.

Still, in an interview with Rachel Nichols, Kobe admitted that he’ll likely lose some of his explosiveness and his game would have to “evolve”.

Kobe also spoke about the struggles of fighting through the Achilles injury to get back to this point, as well as how he’ll react when he steps back out on the court for the first time.


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