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Kobe on Jordan: I stole his moves, this generation stole mine


Earlier today, NBA 2K14 released a promotional video featuring Michael Jordan. MJ listed the players he would most like to face (and beat) during his prime. Kobe Bryant was obviously one of the players, yet Jordan wasn’t so sure about beating the Black Mamba as he “steals all my moves”.

Kobe responded to this claim via Twitter and admitted that he had taken some of MJ’s moves, but now the new generation of players are stealing his moves. Kobe calls it the “domino effect”:


This is absolutely correct; young players grow up watching their basketball heroes and idolize them to point where they’re on the playground actually pretending to be that player (how many times have you thrown up a fade-away jumper and screamed “KOBE!”?). Bryant took this to the extreme, though, studying the likes of Jerry West, Magic Johnson – and of course Jordan – and then implementing parts of their game into his own.

And these days, because of the “domino effect”, we’re seeing the likes of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and even MarShon Brooks displaying moves from Kobe’s repertoire.

Bryant’s still obviously a big hit with the younger generation; an poll of this year’s rookies showed that Kobe was the most popular player in the league, and no doubt a number of those who voted for the Mamba will have taken a move or two from Kobe’s book of tricks.

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