Nearly two days later and the basketball world is still buzzing about The Brooklyn Dunk.

Kobe Bryant “baptised” the Barclays Center and a couple of the home team guys in the process.

Kobe loved it. Antawn Jamison loved it. Even John Legend loved itkobe-bryant-dunk-of-the-year

You see, while we’re all Ordinary People, Kobe Bean is far from that. His quotes are far from the norm, too.

While speaking after the game on Tuesday night, Bryant dropped yet another classic quote, according to Yahoo! Sports:

”I think everybody’s been drinking the ‘Kobe pass’ Kool-Aid, so everybody kind of stayed on the perimeter on the shooters and it just parted like the Red Sea,” Bryant said. “So I felt a little like Moses.”

And no, he’s not talking about Malone.

Click here to see the dunk in super slow motion.

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