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Kobe says he won’t be live-tweeting during games anymore after post-game reaction


During Sunday’s game versus the Spurs, Kobe Bryant was tweeting his thoughts on the live action. “Post. Post. Post.” was one of the tweets, “Matador Defense on Parker. His penetration is hurting us” was another.

After the game, Mike D’Antoni caused a stir when he rolled his eyes after hearing about Bryant’s tweets and called him a “fan”. Bryant replied on Twitter, saying, “A fan?? Lol #microphonetalk” – yes, this was all overblown, but it is L.A. after all.

As entertaining as this all was – and as interesting Kobe’s in-game tweets were – the Black Mamba says he’s calling it a day with the live-tweeting sessions:


That’s a shame: it was definitely interesting to see what Kobe had to say about the game. The funny thing is, it’s not as if Kobe was saying anything different to what he’s been saying all year or what he’d say in post-game interview after hitting the showers. But, because he was tweeting his comments, they seemed to be blown out of proportion.

Then again, it seems it was D’Antoni’s reaction that really set the people off.

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