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Kobe says he would be at 40,000 points by now if it wasn’t for Shaq

“I like shooting.”

Those were Kobe’s postgame comments after the Lakers’ 111-98 win over the Sixers on Sunday night.

In other breaking news, grass is green and Charles Barkley likes eating. 

You’ve got to love Kobe’s honesty, although, he is a shooting guard after all.

He also had some other pretty interesting comments, according to the Los Angeles Times:

So I ask, “Would you have 40,000 points by now?”

“If I wasn’t playing with Shaq, probably,” he says. “I would have scored a lot more for sure.”

He’s right, although, he could be viewed more as an Allen Iverson-type player if he’d racked up 40,000 but didn’t have any rings to show for his efforts:

But it’s difficult to hog the ball when a team has more than one superstar.

“Look at my career,” he says. “When you have another dominant teammate, you have the capability of winning more and individually you sacrifice more.

You thought Kobe shot the ball a lot already? Imagine if he wasn’t sacrificing!

Seriously, though; to be able to score 30,000 points and have five rings is pretty impressive. Jordan and Abdul-Jabbar are the only other guys to have more rings than Kobe in the Top 5 list at six a piece. Malone, of course, didn’t even win one, despite scoring almost 37,000 for his career.

It’s always interesting to listen to Kobe talk these days – he dropped some gems in his extended interview with Stephen A. Smith last week – because he now views the game (and even life) differently after all those years with Phil Jackson.

However, don’t be fooled: despite his philosophical side off the court these days, he still wants to kill you once you step on it.

And what’s evident is the fact that 40,000 points isn’t the aim for Kobe Bryant at this point in his career – he’s “shooting” for a much smaller number: six.

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