For most people, being injured just six games into a comeback from a torn Achilles’ tendon would be heartbreaking.

However, Kobe Bryant isn’t most people.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Bryant was relieved that his fractured knee wasn’t a torn meniscus – the injury that Derrick Rose just went down with – and insists that “only an idiot” would doubt that he can sucessfully come back from this injury:

[pullquote]Before the natural anguish of learning that his left knee had suffered a fracture, a most improbable sense washed over Kobe Bryant: relief.

“Lucky it wasn’t a meniscus,” Bryant told Yahoo Sports on Thursday afternoon.

After six games this season, here’s the solace today: Six weeks beats six months. Six weeks beats surgery, beats losing the rest of a season, beats losing the time left on a clock ticking closer and closer to the end of a prodigious basketball life.

The walls are closing, his path to restoration never so perilous, and yet here was Kobe Bryant on Thursday afternoon making clear his belief on those who’d dare doubt his resolve again.

“Only an idiot would,” Bryant told Yahoo Sports.[/pullquote]

Sure, this is a setback, yet Bryant and his people always look for the positive side of things. For example, his trainer, Tim Grover, told Wojnarowski that this extra time off to rest his repaired Achilles’ tendon may actually allow him to comeback stronger.

And as for doubting whether the Black Mamba can overcome yet another huge hurdle? Don’t be silly.

“#BrokenNotBeaten” Bryant tweeted just minutes after his diagnosis was announced.

That’s the Mamba mentality.

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