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Kobe The 4th


Happy 4th of July Lakerholicz! Since Americans celebrate their independence on this 4th day of July, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the significance of the number 4 in the storied history of the great Kobe Bryant.

Kobe shoots 4 air balls


In the playoffs his rookie season, Kobe shot a total of 4 air balls in very clutch moments against the Utah Jazz. This sent the Lakers packing and left the young Kobe Bryant realizing that there was still much to learn. After the loss, Shaq praised the 18 year old by stating that nobody else on the court even had the confidence to take those kind of shots. The 4 air balls symbolizes the beginning of the great legacy of Kobe and how he has been resilient enough to bounce back from anything throughout his entire career.

Kobe Wins his 1st Championship in his 4th Season


In Kobe’s 4th season, Phil Jackson became the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Under his triangle offensive system, Kobe and Shaq instantly became a terrorizing duel. They would go on to win their very first championship after they defeated the Indiana Pacers in the NBA Finals. In Game 4 of that series, Kobe scored 22 points in the second half and led the team to a huge victory after Shaq fouled out. He scored 8 points in overtime which remains the most ever in an overtime of a finals game.

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