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Tuesday night, we all got had a chance to celebrate the world’s baseball talent in the MLB All-Star game held in New York. Although the game was played in the New York Mets stadium, the location was just right for fans of Mariano Rivera, the game’s outright greatest closer of all-time.

Mariano has been in the league for 19 seasons, ALL with the New York Yankees. It’s a rare happening in the sports world to see one player stick with their original team.

Mo has yet to “lose a step” this year, already recording 30 saves in 132 opportunities, with a low era of 1.83.

Mo, who is 43-years-old, is pitching in his final season of his career and it seems that he has gotten better with age, something our very own Kobe Bryant knows a little about.

Kobe tweeted Rivera after the game:


Mo entered the game in the 8th inning to the song “Enter Sandman” with every fan on their feet – he received quite the ovation. He produced 3 straight outs, one being a fly ball and the other two by grounders.

The American League went on the win the game 3-0 securing the home field advantage in the Word Series for the first time in three years. Mo was awarded the All-Star game’s MVP, which was very fitting of the kind of night he had.


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Written by Mike Texidor

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