If you’ve ever been to a live sports event, you’ll know that one of the best parts of the night is the kiss cam.

During a break in the action, a bunch of cameras around the stadium scan the crowd in search for couples, both young and old.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, the kiss cam will pick out a celebrity and their beau, just like last night at the L.A. Kings game.

The Kings kiss cam spotted Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa in the crowd, andĀ the Black Mamba obliged with a peck on the lips.

Here’s a GIF of the cool moment, via the Kings’ official Twitter feed:


This isn’t the first time Bryant has been caught on the Kings kiss cam. A few years ago, Kobe was at a game with his youngest daughter when he appeared on the big screen, and reacted by giving her a big kiss and hug.

Sometimes, the kiss cam doesn’t go to plan as the camera will pick out a man and woman who are just friends or on a first date.

But other times, hilariousĀ things can happen, like the time Adam Sandler gave Jack Nicholson a kiss on the cheek at a Lakers game a few years back.

God bless you, kiss cam.