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Kobe’s trash talk to Tim Duncan: “My ring count is a little higher than yours”

I love Kobe quotes, especially when it involves trash talk.

While Bryant was chatting with Max and Marcellus yesterday, he spoke about a recent encounter he had with longtime foe Tim Duncan.San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers

Max said Kobe better watch out for Duncan because he’s just behind Bryant in the ring department. This was Kobe’s reaction:

We had a really good discussion about that when we played in San Antonio. Man, he was (laughs) he said something to me about a shot I took or something like that. He said something like, “Hey man, Kobe’s out here shooting all the balls,” or something like that. I said “You know what, I remember beating you guys a few times in the playoffs,” and he said, “Yeah you guys got us a couple of times,” I said, “You know what? I think my ring count is a little higher than yours.”

He enjoyed that. That was like two old dogs barking back and forth at each other, it was great.

I can’t imagine Tim Duncan trash talking to somebody. That’s like Joey Crawford officiating a whole game and not giving out a technical to someone. But, apparently, he does – and it’s pretty poor trash talk at that. He didn’t even mention any cereal brands. Weak.

Oh, and incase you were wondering, Kobe has five rings to Duncan’s four.

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