Lakerholicz Flashback Friday: Kobe gives Alvin Gentry a little tap


Welcome to the edition of Flashback Friday! We will recognize a random moment in Laker history. It can be anything like classic game winning shots, interviews, quotes, trash talking, dunks, etc. Some meories will be completely random, while others may be relative to what is happening in the present day.

Well it’s starting to seem like nobody wants to be on a team coached by Mike D’Antoni, even coaches. The most recent person to turn down a job with the Lakers is Alvin Gentry who reportedly shunned them to go join Doc Rivers’ coaching staff with the Los Angeles Clippers.

This made me think about the 2010 Western Conference Finals, specifically Game 6 when the Lakers defeated Gentry’s Suns to move on to the NBA Finals. Even with the Suns playing amazing defense, it seemed as if nothing could stop the Black Mamba from going to the NBA Finals for the third straight season. He ended the night with 37 points and 6 rebounds.

As a third straight trip to the NBA Finals was in the air, Kobe began to talk a little trash to the Suns, their fans, and their coach who was Alvin Gentry at the time. After an amazing fade away jumper that Kobe hit right in front of Gentry, he turned to him and gave him a little tap on the bottom for good measure. The performance was so amazing that all Gentry could do was laugh. This also left Steve Nash crying in the locker room. (Sorry Nash, who knew that you would be a Laker today?)

Check out Kobe’s post game interview below including the butt tapping.

This was an article by Deshaun Sheppard. You can follow him on Twitter here: @WOLF_CHUKI

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