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Lakerholicz – New Site Owner and Prize Giveaway

New Site Owner

closeup of basketball going through the hoop

It’s with great excitement that Lakerholicz is announcing the selection of its new site owner, with the first overall pick in the draft, Michael Newman. Newman, an LA Lakers superfan, has set the mission of establishing Lakerholicz as the “hub for all Lakers fans, young and old. Where people can come and learn about this team that inspires so many from all walks of life.”

Newman was born into a family of hardcore LA Lakers fans. Like all fans, Newman dreamt of becoming a Laker, but genetics were simply not on his side. “Unfortunately, I inherited my mum’s genes when it comes to length and my athletic built was never going to make me the NBA superstar I’d always dreamt of becoming.” 

It was then that he realised his true passion was to become the ultimate LA Lakers fan. “It was at a very young age that I realized what I am. I was always meant to be a Lakers superfan, and everything just aligned for me to become just that – the ultimate Lakers fan.

Newman has lived out this passion throughout his life, from watching some of the most iconic Lakers games, to collecting some of the most sought-after Lakers memorabilia. When he heard of the opportunity to become the new site owner of Lakerholicz, he knew it was showtime. “Everything in my history as a fan has led me to this. I’ve decided that this site will be the vehicle to share what I love with the world.” 

We know that under Newman, Lakerholicz will go from championship to championship, bringing you the latest LA Lakers news, speculation and rumors, schedules, player profiles, highlights, FAQs and, of course, prizes and giveaways.

Prize Giveaways

front and back of LA Lakers basketball jersey with James written on back

The Lakers are one of the most supported teams in the world. Lakerholicz knows the importance of our fanbase. We want you to feel equipped to offer your full support to the team we all know and love. 

To that end, Lakerholicz has formed a proud sponsorship deal with playMGM. To celebrate this deal we are offering some showstopping prizes. All you need to do is to sign up with playMGM

The sign up gift prizes are official Los Angeles Lakers two-tone MVP adjustable caps and the Los Angeles Lakers practice t-shirt. After all, if you’re going to be supporting the team, it’s only right that you wear official Los Angeles Lakers merchandise.

Our giveaways don’t stop there. If you share your ultimate LA Lakers fan story, you’ll be eligible to win a Los Angeles Lakers City Edition LeBron James Swingman Jersey and even a Los Angeles Lakers Kyle Kuzuma 2019-20 Icon Edition Authentic Jersey.

But what’s the use in having the jersey if you’re not going to the game? We’ll also be giving away a main prize of two Lakers game tickets. 

All this is possible thanks to playMGM. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to bet on your LA Lakers, and capitalize on all the Lakers rumors you heard first on Lakerholicz.

There will be more prizes, giveaways and Lakers tickets throughout the season. Lakerholicz is for true LA Lakers superfans, from a true LA Lakers superfan.

LA Lakers News, Speculation and Rumours

Los Angeles Lakers player dribbling the ball

First and foremost, Lakerholicz will provide its audience with all the LA Lakers’ latest news. We want Lakerholicz to be the go-to for news about everything to do with the LA Lakers, from the players to the Lakers’ owner. When LA Lakers news breaks, you’ll be able to read about it on Lakerholicz.

As any sports fan will tell you, Lakers rumors and speculation are part of the theatre of the game. Draft rumors, speculations about team dynamics, and debating tactics for upcoming games can be as interesting as the Lakers news. It’s the type of discussions we have in living rooms, in the stands, or in the bar. We’ll bring you well-sourced rumors and in-depth speculation that will leave you as informed as a Lakers ESPN panelist.

LA Lakers Season Schedules and Updates

view of basketball court during LA Lakers game at Staples Center

Lakerholicz will provide easy-to-access schedules for all Lakers basketball games. As soon as the NBA release the summer schedule, we’ll keep you informed of all day-by-day schedules for matches in the championship, home and away. 

We want you to know when you can see the televised NBA Lakers games and when you can see them in an arena nearby. You can think of us as your personalized NBA Lakers news team, keeping you fully informed about their NBA championship. 

When playoff fixtures are announced, you’ll be able to find out where and when the games will take place, making sure you’re informed about all LA Lakers games taking place around the clock, in every state. 

Player Profiles

close up of Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James

One thing you know for sure is that the LA Lakers will always have some of the best players in the world on their roster. Lakers basketball has seen some great players, from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson, to Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. With LeBron James in our current roster, we know that the next group of Lakers players are ready to make a name for themselves.

Our player profiles will help us to know our team on and off the court. Lakerholicz will provide in-depth player profiles with up-to-date Lakers stats, keeping us informed about who is on form, who is not, and who is about to hit the form of their career. We’ll also give you updates from interviews and social media announcements. Everything you need to know about Lakers players will be available on Lakerholicz. 


closeup of Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers player, looking awestruck

Like Kobe Bryant’s last three minutes, sometimes there are moments that you’ll want to revisit again and again after the game. Sometimes you won’t be able to watch the Lakers ESPN televised games live. Don’t worry about missing out though. Lakerholicz will provide all the best Lakers highlights from NBA games and interviews. 

Since the Showtime days of Magic Johnson, we know that the Lakers players always have something special in their locker. We’ll make sure you don’t miss any of the LA Lakers magic throughout the championship. 


Ron Artest and Trevor Booker playing basketball match

Lakerholicz will be the go-to for any LA Lakers trivia and information. Our FAQ page will help you to unpack the history of the LA Lakers as well as the present state of the team. 

The history of the Lakers is well documented. We are neck-on-neck with the Celtics for the most championship titles. The FAQ page will provide details about the LA Lakers biggest moments in their history, who the prominent players have been, and where the team originated from. You’ll also be able to find information about all of the LA Lakers championship and tournament wins. 

We’ll also answer interesting questions about Lakers players, past and present, what their biggest crowning achievements have been and their individual awards. You’ll also be able to find out who is on the current NBA Lakers roster.

The FAQ page will also give information about where you can watch the Lakers basketball being played, and which arena is the best. This will include history of all of the LA Lakers’ home courts. The FAQ page will be the ultimate Lakers forum.

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