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Lakerholicz Throwback Thursday: My most memorable live Laker game moment


Welcome to the edition of Throwback Thursdays! Each Thursday, we will recognize a random moment in Laker history. It can be anything like classic game winning shots, interviews, quotes, trash talking, dunks, etc. Some memories will be completely random, while others may be relative to what is happening in the present day.

Today’s edition is a personal Laker memory of mine that I wanted to share with all of the Lakerholicz. I currently live in Baltimore, MD so I try my hardest to see a live Laker game every season when they come to the East Coast. The most memorable game I’ve been to came when the Lakers defeated the Washington Wizards in December of 2008.

As I sat in the section right behind the Laker bench, the game became dangerously closer than I wanted it to be. With under a minute left, the Lakers lead 103 to 102 which obviously meant “Kobe Time.” Surrounded by Wizards fans, I sat nervously while Kobe dribbled the ball calmly with absolute poise. With Caron Butler guarding him, Kobe dribbled around a Pau Gasol pick but lost control of the basketball as he attacked the basket. He then snatched the ball out of the air and instantly hit a vintage Kobe fade away jumper over the out stretched hand of Caron Butler.

This shot sealed the deal and I went absolutely nuts. For years, I watched Kobe hit clutch shot after clutch shot, but this time I actually got to see it live in person. This personal moment of mine adds to the long list that defines Kobe’s greatness. It was just one night early in the regular season against basically an unimportant team at the time, but everyone in the Verizon Center that night still witnessed the greatness that Kobe Bryant is made of. The Lakers would go on to win the championship that season by defeating Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.

Please comment below or tweet myself and Lakerholicz your most memorable live Laker game moments. Oh yeah, did I mention that this moment was caught on camera? Watch the Kobe shot and my obnoxious trash talking to Wizards fans below.

This was an article by Deshaun Sheppard. You can follow him on Twitter here: @WOLF_CHUKI

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