PHOTO: Ball Is Life

PHOTO: Ball Is Life

I wish all scouting reports were like this.

Ryen Russillo from Grantland published his unfiltered “scouts take” on the 2014 NBA Draft today, and within his report were some interesting comments from an anonymous scout who who let Russillo know how he really feels about Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins.

According to the scout, Wiggins lacks the kind of “f— you” attitude that Kobe Bryant possesses.

In other words, this scout thinks Wiggins lacks any real kind of “killer instinct.”

[pullquote]Don’t trust his shot or his ball skills. Can’t go left. There is no “f— you” to him. Kobe’s like, “F— you, I’m better than you.” Where was that? I think he is a content player. That’s not Bill Self’s fault — he didn’t tell him not to shoot.

He can be your third-best player, but not your best. Say he goes to Orlando. What’s he going to do as an offensive player? Shoot them to more wins? He has one of the best second/third jumps I’ve ever seen and he’ll have some “F— … look at that” moments. But that’s not his personality.[/pullquote]

The scout’s right: Wiggins is lacking that “Mamba Mentality.” However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Very few players in the history of the NBA have had a personality like Kobe’s – even LeBron James lacks that kind of killer instinct, though he’s still turned out to be one of the all-time greats in this league.

As long as teams don’t expect Wiggins – who is projected by many to go first overall in June 26th’s draft – to be the next Kobe or Michael Jordan, the 19-year-old should be just fine in the Association.