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Lakers Media Day 2013


It’s finally here! Today the Los Angeles Lakers‘ season gets kicked off with Media Day 2013. Keep checking back to this page all day long for all the latest updates from El Segundo. The majority of the quotes on the page are via ESPN Los Angeles Radio‘s live stream.

11:44 am – Good news; Kobe is still being Kobe:

11:42 am – Blake says he’s healthy and ready to go this year. He also acknowledges that the Lakers will have to play team defense this season, and they’ll have to force the quick guards on the opposing team to the baseline.

11: 30 am – Kobe on his Achilles, “It feels good; now it’s about muscle endurance. I’ve jogged a little bit.” – says it’s a different injury than he’s had before as he can’t tell how the tendon is doing, where as with a shoulder or knee you can feel the progress. Bryant also revealed that he’ll likely announce his return via Twitter or Instagram.

Kobe says “the goal” is to play less minutes by having Young, Johnson and other young guys fill the void. Also, seeing as Gasol and Kaman can space the floor, the Black Mamba says he will also be looking to post up more this year.

11:20 am – Pau Gasol says he got a lot of rest this summer, which was different to years past where he’s played for Spain during the off-season. Gasol says last year the pain in his knees was a hindrance, but there’s a “big difference so far” after having surgery earlier in the year.

Gasol also said that he likes to play both the four and the five spots, though he notes he primarily played center when the team won championships in 2009 and 2010.

Pau also says he’s looking forward to being the primary option down low – says there’s no longer another player fighting after that spot on the floor.

11:07 am – Nash says that he has worked hard all summer long and has something to prove to those who think he’s done. On the crazy amount of injuries last season, Nash says that it was just a lot of bad luck; says the team’s training staff are just as good as Phoenix’s heralded staff.

11:01 am – “It starts with the doctors – we don’t know [when he’ll be back] yet. He gets the best medical advice in the world from the doctors, we’ll try to be a little cautious with him.”

D’Antoni says Kobe could return “next week, next month” – there’s no set date yet.

Mike D’Antoni says having a training camp this year will allow him to work out his rotations before the season, instead of having to learn on the fly. D’Antoni also said the chemistry was poor last year –  “We didn’t get along too well” – but the chemistry is good this season.

D’Antoni says the team will defend as a team to replace the void left by Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace. The team won’t have a defensive coach, per D’Antoni, as all the coaches will have input into the team’s defense.

10:51 am – Both Wesley Johnson and Jordan Hill praise Steve Nash; Johnson says Nash has looked good all summer and his age won’t affect him due to the Canadian being a crafty player.

10:16 am – Nick Young shows off his new look.


10:11 am – Media Day gets underway.

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