The Los Angeles Lakers are known for rebuilding via free agency. The approach is logical.

L.A. is a beautiful city with beautiful people and luxurious housing options. You add the team’s historical success and it’s a perfect match for every free agent – I mean, it used to be, anyway.

Lately, the Lakers have struggled to attract (and retain) marquee free agents, so I came up with a backup plan. It’s a small market approach, but hear me out.

Many successful NBA teams have built through the draft. This approach takes longer and is less exciting but it has a track record of working.

The San Antonio Spurs are a perfect example of how powerful this method can be if it’s used correctly.

The Lakers have enjoyed similar success in the past – don’t forget they have a history of drafting legendary players, including Magic Johnson and James Worthy. They also traded for Kobe Bryant shortly after the 1996 NBA Draft.

So, why not take the approach a step further with this year’s top-five protected pick and start rebuilding the legendary Lakers franchise entirely via the draft?

Free agency isn’t working, the fans are getting impatient, and surrounding Kobe with high quality role players might be a good idea, after all.

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