As the season draws closer and closer, there are new and exciting things to look forward this year. Steve Nash and Dwight Howard connecting on an alley-oop is one of them. Time Warner Cable’s close coverage of the team is another one – if you can get the channel, that is.

The Brazilian soccer team uses a similar style on their jerseys – via

And now, thanks to a tweet from STAPLES Center, we know the Lakers will debut a new court design this season, too.

The design appears to sport sixteen stars around the Lakers’ logo, which obviously represents the amount of NBA championships the team has.

This approach is extremely similar to that of international soccer teams; their jerseys have stars around their logo, representing the number of times they’ve won the World Cup, so it’s possible the Lakers drew inspiration from this and decided apply a similar design to their home court. 

Even though it’s a small change, it could possibly get in the heads of some players, especially the younger ones. Not only do you have the jerseys of some of the greatest basketball players ever hanging in the rafters, but now every time you step on the Lakers’ home floor you’ll be reminded of how many rings they have as well. 

I think it’s a pretty cool addition to the STAPLES Center floor. Hopefully though, next year they’ll need to make an adjustment to the court and add an extra star to that design.