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Lakers News: Carmelo Anthony says he doubts he’ll sign with the Lakers in 2014


Remember all that talk of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers next summer? Yeah, well you can stop all that…for now, at least.

TMZ recently caught up with Melo and asked him whether he could see himself with the Lakers next summer. “I doubt it” was Anthony’s reply.

Here’s the transcript, via the NY Post and SLAM:

[pullquote]Anthony was asked if he could see himself in “purple and gold” by the camera man/gossip reporter. “I doubt it …” Anthony said.

After some joking that led to suggestions he was headed to Los Angeles, Anthony said, “I don’t think you should read between the lines.” Anthony was asked about teaming up with his rival James, who as Anthony pointed out, he’s won two gold medals with. But as far as partnering up in the NBA, Anthony seemed less intrigued. “I don’t have them conversations,” Anthony said.[/pullquote]

It’s worth noting that Melo was smiling a lot during the encounter, especially when he said he doesn’t have “conversations” with LeBron about teaming up.

Also, a player who is currently under contract with the New York Knicks isn’t going to come out and say he’d consider signing with the Lakers in a year’s time. That’s just not the smart thing to do.

Melo will likely hear these kind of questions all year long, especially if/when the Knicks struggle and when he encounters the L.A. media. However, until next July, it’s all talk.

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