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Lakers News: Jeanie Buss says she “fell in love with Nick Young” this season

Don’t worry Phil and Iggy, I’m pretty sure that Jeanie is just talking about platonic love here.

Either way, this is still a great quote.

During an extended sit-down interview with Bill Macdonald from Time Warner Cable SportsNet, Jeanie Buss revealed that she has developed a sweet spot for Nick Young this season, something that could bode well for his chances of remaining with the Lakers this summer.

“I, like so many other fans, fell in love with Nick Young,” Buss told Macdonald. “[I love] his swagger on the court, his love of the game and the way he plays.”

This is why Jeanie is so great: She speaks from the heart like a true Laker fan. In fact, Jeanie even said that she sees herself as “an advocate for the fans” as opposed to a high ranking NBA executive.

Of course, at the end of the day, she’s both.

While Young admitted just days ago that he may not be back with the Lakers this season, Mitch Kupchak has already expressed his interest in retaining the services of the L.A. native, and it can’t hurt to have Jeanie Buss name-dropping you as one of the bright spots of the season, especially seeing as she claims that “the buck” stops with her.

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