Now that the great Dr. Jerry Buss has sadly departed, someone else must make the final call within the Los Angeles Lakers organization. While many observers would assume that Jim Buss would have the final word, Jim himself claims that his sister Jeanie Buss is the one with the “ultimate say”.

Here’s what Jim said today in a radio interview with AM570:

[pullquote]I would say Jeanie [Buss] would have – probably – the ultimate say. If there’s any confrontation…I would say Jeanie would probably have the ultimate say, but to say “Does [the system] work?” – it has been working. Jeanie has been running the business operations for many years. My dad, on a daily basis, was not going to the office, but Jeanie is incredibly capable of running the business side of the operation and has been [capable].

To ask the question if it can work, I don’t know how to answer that except for: it’s been working for many, many years and nothing has changed. The way my dad has set this up, is basically Jeanie’s the point person in business [operations], I’m the point person in basketball operations – if there was a crossover problem, then I would say Jeanie had that ultimate decision.[/pullquote]

This is somewhat surprising. While we already knew that Jim took care of the basketball side of things while he his sister ran the business side, we didn’t know who would make a final call if the two operations “crossover” as Jim put it.

However, Jeanie is the Lakers’ representative at the Board of Governors, so maybe she holds more power within the organization than we’re aware of.

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