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Lakers News: LeBron’s diva-like actions don’t go down well in Kobe-loving Philippines


Kobe Bryant is loved in the Philippines, but what about first-time visitor LeBron James?

According to, some of the Philippine Basketball Association players who got a chance to meet James recently were snubbed by The King, which is very different to the friendly Black Mamba they all know and love.

Here’s what one anonymous player said of James, with translation by Joma Ablay (@ja1trey) of @lakeshowph:

[pullquote]”He’s a snob,” said one popular PBA player who asked that he not be named. “When you approach him, even if you’re not saying anything, he’ll say ‘No pictures, no autographs.'”

“That’s why we try to avoid him from the start,” he added.

“He’s (James) not outgoing, far different from Kobe,” said the player.[/pullquote]

However, PBA player Ranidel de Ocampo came to the defense of James. Kinda:

[pullquote]”Let’s just understand that he (James) has a tight schedule,” de Ocampo said. “It’s hard to allow one request because he would be obliged to allow all of them. It would take a lot time to finish.

“And he made us happy. That should be enough for us.”

“Kobe’s charisma is one of a kind, he knows how to interact with people. If he’s not doing anything then he would allow photo-ops and autographs and if he’s busy he’ll say it in a nice way.”

“It’s like he knows the system. It’s because he has been doing this for a long time now right?”

“I know I won’t get another opportunity to get a picture with him (James) that’s why I challenge him when he dunked (during the MOA Arena scrimmage),” he said in jest.

“At least I got me a picture with him. In a poster though.” de Ocampo added, breaking into laughter.[/pullquote]

It seems that LeBron didn’t make the best first impression with some Filipinos. Sure, James is likely on a tight schedule out there, but it doesn’t take that much time to sign a few jerseys and take some photos with the professional players.

The King may be considered the best player in the world by many, but it appears Kobe still rules in the Philippines.

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