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Lakers News: Players react to ESPN ranking Kobe Bryant as 25th best in NBA


Kobe Bryant has yet to react to ESPN ranking him as the 25th best player in the NBA, yet Bryant’s peers and fans have already more than made up for the Black Mamba’s silence.

After ESPN released the ranking, a flurry of NBA players loaded up the Twitter app on their phone and expressed their disgust.

Reggie Evans of the Brooklyn Nets seems to think that ESPN are way off the mark by placing Kobe at 25:


Quincy Miller of the Denver Nuggets and Brandon Rush from the Utah Jazz both felt Bryant was disrespected by the news outlet:

Brandon Jennings, who signed with the Detroit Pistons during the off-season, found it amusing that the NBA’s official Twitter account was questioning ESPN’s ranking:

Jamal Crawford from the Los Angeles Clippers called the ranking a “joke”:

Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant thinks that analysts shouldn’t be allowed to rank players if they’ve never played the game:

Stephon Marbury, who now plays in China, called Kobe the “best basketball player in the NBA” during the off-season and obviously disagreed with ESPN’s ranking, too:

Lastly, one of Kobe’s current teammates chimed in on the news.

Xavier Henry, who is currently competing for a roster spot on the Los Angeles Lakers, called ESPN’s ranking “crazy”:


And now, how about a reply from Kobe himself? He may send out a tweet to acknowledge the ranking – as he did when ESPN predicted that his Lakers would finish 12th in the West this season – or he may just decide to reply the way he knows best: by going out there and killing it on the basketball court.

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