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Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss has been hospitalized for months with terminal cancer; Kobe, Magic, Shaq and Kareem have visited him


This is horrible news.

The longtime owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Dr. Jerry Buss, is terminally ill with cancer and is currently hospitalized in an intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The story broke yesterday when Radar Online posted a story about Buss’ current state. This then caused other outlets to confirm the reports: many reporters are said to have known of Dr. Buss’ condition for some time, with Jack McCallum stating that the cancer is terminal, though the media kept quiet due to the wishes of the Buss family.

According USA Today, Dr. Buss has been hospitalized “for months”, and Kobe Bryant told the paper today in Houston that Jerry’s health has been on his mind for a while:

“Yeah, (Buss) has been on my mind, that’s been on my mind for a while,” Lakers star Kobe Bryant told USA TODAY Sports at All-Star weekend in Houston. “I’m just trying to stay. Gotta stay positive.”

Bryant sent out a tweet last night after the Lakers’ loss to the Phoenix Suns, showing his love for the franchise’s longtime owner:

While Radar Online reported that Buss was in “his final days’, his son Jim told the Los Angeles Times yesterday that Buss is “doing fine” and the family have “been dealing with this” – however, Dr. Buss is indeed currently in an intensive care unit.

According to ESPN, Steve Nash met with Dr. Buss at the hospital back in September:

“I went to the hospital in September, and we had a great talk,” Nash said. “It was supposed to be five minutes, but we talked for about an hour. You could see he was fighting something big, but he still had a great spirit, a great mind. He’s still full of life.”

The L.A. Times also went onto say that former players have been visiting Dr. Buss, including Kobe, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Shaq sent out a tweet on Thursday night, sending his well-wishes to Dr. Buss:

Dr. Buss purchased the Lakers back in 1979 for $67.5 million: 33 years and 10 championships later, the franchise is now worth $1 billion, according to Forbes.

The purple and gold have only missed the playoffs once while under Buss’ tenure.

Keep fighting, Jerry. Everyone at is thinking of you.

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