ESPN recently predicted that the Lakers would finish 12th in the Western Conference next season. This upset a few of the Lakers’ players.

Kobe Bryant, Nick Young and Jordan Hill all took to Twitter to both question and ridicule ESPN’s prediction:

[tweet https://twitter.com/kobebryant/status/367555749989203968] [tweet https://twitter.com/NickSwagyPYoung/status/367877118039834624] [tweet https://twitter.com/jordanchill43/status/368017248113659904] [tweet https://twitter.com/jordanchill43/status/368018374648811520] [tweet https://twitter.com/jordanchill43/status/368019510617718784]

This Lakers team definitely has something to prove next season; last year, they had high expectations to live up to. Now, those expectations have been greatly lowered.

For a change, the Lakers are the underdogs.

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