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Lakers Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant (and possibly Kevin Love) play pickup basketball together at UCLA


Last week, Derrick Rose reportedly worked out for Carmelo Anthony in Chicago to show that he’s now 100 percent healthy, though it seems that Kobe Bryant took it one step further by playing pickup hoops with Melo today at UCLA.

Oh, and Kevin Love just happened to be playing there, too.

The rumor of Kobe, Melo and Love playing at UCLA was making the rounds on various social media platforms all day, though the development was later confirmed on Twitter by John Rebholz, UCLA’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations. Edit: Rebholz later deleted his tweet.

However, Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo Sports later refuted Rebholz’s tweet and said that Love wasn’t present at UCLA today. Although, UCLA assistant coach David Grace then claimed that Love was in attendance at the pickup game.

Multiple reporters later said that while Bryant was on UCLA’s campus on Sunday, Love was not in attendance. Additionally, reporters were unable to confirm or deny whether Melo was there.

(Keeping up?)

Aside from the interesting (and confusing) news that Bryant was apparently playing with Melo – and possibly Love – it’s good to hear that the five-time NBA champion is now healthy enough to participate in some pickup hoops.

Meanwhile, this news will likely worry the New York Knicks and their fans even more.

According to Marc Stein from ESPN, Melo has yet to tell any teams in the running for his services that he has crossed them off his list, though the NBA scribe also notes that there’s a “rising sense around the league” that Anthony will either choose to sign with the Lakers or Knicks.

Also, according to Ramona Shelburne from ESPN Los Angeles, Pau Gasol “has emerged as a key selling point” for the Lakers “as sources believe he would quickly re-sign if they are able to land Anthony or James.”

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