Out of all the crazy free agency ideas and rumors that have been thrown around in the past few weeks, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony deciding to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer is the most likely to happen.

Wait, what?

According to Ken Berger from CBS Sports, Melo to the Miami Heat or LeBron to the Houston Rockets isn’t the most likely “pipe dream” to come to fruition this offseason.

“Of all the convoluted superstar concoctions that are possible this summer, James and Anthony joining Bryant with the Lakers might be the most plausible,” Berger writes. “as long as you operate from the assumption that both would be willing to take a significant pay cut to do so. If the Lakers waived Steve Nash and stretched his $9.7 million over the next three seasons, they’d have about $30 million to allocate to free agents.”

And this is where we come back to reality: Would LeBron and Melo really be willing to play for around $15 million per season? Probably not.

Berger also notes that, unlike most people, James “loves Los Angeles,” though it’s currently unclear whether he has interest in playing alongside Kobe Bryant or whether the Black Mamba  “would be willing to cede his throne to a new king.”

So, while this may be the most likely far fetched scenario to actually happen, it’s worth remembering that it is just that: a far fetched scenario.

Still, until LeBron or Melo officially opt-in or sign new deals for the 2014-15 season, Laker fans can cross their fingers and pray that this blockbuster move actually happens.

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