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Lakers to (finally) give Kareem Abdul-Jabbar a statue next season

At last! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is going to get a statue outside Staples Center next season, according to the Los Angeles Times

Last year, Kareem was upset after he was seemingly was overlooked again when the Lakers unveiled a Jerry West statue. Magic Johnson and Chick Hearn were already honored with a statue and the NBA’s all-time leading scorer was still waiting for that recognition.

Well, the same season that Dwight Howard joins the team and Shaquille O’Neal‘s jersey will be retired, the Cap’s statue will be unveiled outside Staples. It must be the year of the big man, right?

I don’t think there’s any question what pose Kareem should be in when he is immortalised in bronze: anything other than a freeze-frame of Abdul-Jabbar performing his unstoppable “Sky Hook” shot would be crazy.

As I said on Twitter earlier, Staples Center is quickly becoming Statues Center. So much greatness.

Anyway, the news of Kareem’s statue gives us a good reason to watch some of his highlights. His Sky Hook is a pretty good place to start, right?

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