Luke Walton Hire Fulfils Lakers’ Total Youth Movement

The Lakers officially introduced Luke Walton as their new head coach last week following an agreement that was previously reached back in late-April.

Walton, who just underwent arguably through one of the most grueling seasons to date with the historic run of his former Golden State Warriors team, is now presented with the task of undertaking a young Lakers team and implementing a system that is capable of turning things around for the purple and gold.

Walton, who goes into this season as the Lakers 26th coach in their history, will take the Lakers into the post-Kobe Bryant era, an era that lasted 20 seasons and brought about the end of what was a historical career.

He will be tasked with bringing a brand of basketball to L.A. that is both exciting and reflective of the style of play that the Warriors exhibited up in Oakland.

The hire fulfills what has been a 2-3 season overhaul of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The past few years have seen the team’s roster receive an influx of youthful talent provided entirely by the draft, giving the team a plethora of weapons that are strong in various skill-sets and are – to an extent – reflective of what Walton coached up in the Bay Area.

Certainly, as has been said before, the talent gradient is in no way on par with what the Warriors have amassed over the years.

However, what Walton does provide is an incontestable understanding of what it takes to win in today’s modern NBA, or at the very least, what ingredients you need to foster a culture of success.

For the Lakers, this means the world.

The next greatest thing to not being able to get the talent itself, is being able to acquire a piece of what led to building that talent to where it stands today – a historical roster that did more things than one.

Now, the stage is set for Walton to come in and mold this group of young players into a team that can be capable of contending in today’s modern NBA.

It’s funny, it took three different veteran coaches for the Lakers to understand that the core values of what it takes to win doesn’t lie in the old virtues of NBA basketball.

Now, like Kobe and the Lakers, the team fulfils a full-rounded transition from an old age into a new one.

Luke Walton is now officially the Lakers’ head coach, and he’s ready to get to work.

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