Larry Nance Jr. undecided on whether to participate in 2018 NBA Dunk Contest

High-flying forward Larry Nance Jr. is unsure whether to participate in the 2018 NBA Dunk Contest, according to a report

Could the Los Angeles Lakers be without a participant during NBA All-Star Weekend’s Saturday night festivities?

Since he came into the league, Larry Nance Jr. has been linked with the NBA’s dunk contest, but he has yet to follow in his father’s footsteps.

This year would seem like the prefect time for Nance Jr. to participate seeing as he would be doing so in front of a home crowd – the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend is set to take place in Los Angeles next month – but the high-flying forward has yet to commit to the event.

Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon, Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo and Dallas Mavericks rookies Dennis Smith Jr. have all agreed to take part.

According to Shams Charania from Yahoo Sports, Nance Jr. has yet to decide whether or not to participate in the competition:

Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. is a strong candidate to be the fourth participant, but has yet to make a final decision, league sources said.

At this point, it seems like the spot in the dunk contest is Larry’s to turn down.

The last Laker to take part in a dunk contest was Shannon Brown in 2010, yet he failed to wow the judges despite his dazzling in-game jams.

Could it be a different story for Nance Jr. if he took part, or is the third-year player worried that, like Brown, his in-game dunks won’t be as impressive as the kind of dunks he’d perform in the contest?

Larry Nance Jr. – professional dunker

Despite his short career, Nance Jr. has already put a number of NBA players in posters.

The most famous dunk is likely the one featuring his now teammate, Brook Lopez. Nance Jr. pulled off the dazzling dunk while Lopez was still with the Brooklyn Nets.

Maybe Brook can talk to Larry and help convince him to take part in the contest? Or, even better, Lopez could volunteer to help Nance Jr. on the court during the dunk contest.

Lopez doesn’t take himself too seriously, and neither does Nance Jr., so maybe such a scenario isn’t actually that farfetched…

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