At the time of writing this article, Christmas Day is only around 72 hours away. I know, it crept up on us, right?

If you’re still in need of grabbing some last minute gifts for friends and loved ones, we’re here to help.

All the items listed below are available on and will be delivered by Christmas Eve as long as you order before the following dates and times:

  • Order by Monday 12/22 3PM Eastern Time: Use 2-day shipping (free shipping with coupon code CUPID on orders over $60)
  • Order by Tuesday 12/23 3PM Eastern Time: Use next-day shipping

For the super-organized people out there who have all their presents sorted, this article can still be useful to you. You might spot an extra gift for someone, or maybe a little something might catch your eye? If so, treat yourself – it is Christmas, after all!

Los Angeles Lakers iPhone 6 Polka Dot Thinshield Case


The iPhone 6 is awesome, but it can definitely be improved. One way to ensure your iPhone is as swaggy as it possibly can be is by purchasing this purple and gold Lakers polka dot case.

Don’t own an iPhone 6? No worries, there’s more phone cases here.

Price: $26.99


Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers iPhone 6 Player Case


Own an iPhone 6 but polka dots just aren’t for you? That’s fine. How about the Black Mamba?

Yes, that’s right, you can now look at Kobe Bryant going up for a dunk whenever you like thanks to this great-looking phone case.

Price: $26.99


Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers adidas Net Number T-Shirt – Gold


This is a Lakers gold Kobe Bryant t-shirt. There’s not much else left to say here aside from the fact that every Laker fan should own this shirt. Yes, that includes you, your dad and that skinny kid with the Kobe 7s who lives down the street.

Price: $25.16


Los Angeles Lakers Holiday Village Schoolhouse


Christmas is a big deal, but so are the Lakers. That’s why Laker fans need this Christmas ornament in their home during the most wonderful time of the year. They just do.

Price: $17.96


Los Angeles Lakers Plaque Ball Ornament


Is your Christmas tree lacking in the purple and gold department? No worries, add this glass Lakers ornament to your decorations and you’re good to go.

Price: $6.26


Los Angeles Lakers New Era Snow Tropics Knit Hat – Black/Pink


After that huge Christmas dinner, you’re going to want to go for a walk in the evening, and by then, it’s probably going to be pretty cold outside. That’s when this striking Lakers hat will come in handy.

And hey, even if you’re fortunate to live in a warm climate you still need to rep the Lake Show when you’re out and about. Plus, this kind of hat will come in useful on New Year’s Day when you’re hungover and can’t be bothered to brush your hair.

Price: $17.96


Los Angeles Lakers adidas Team Nation Adjustable Hat – Black


Okay, maybe the last hat wasn’t for you. You have to like the look of this one, though. It’s adjustable (one size fits most) and is general just pretty damn cool to look at, so just imagine how awesome it is to wear.

Price: $23.36


Los Angeles Lakers adidas Originals Pullover Hoodie – Purple


Staying on the “it’s cold outside” theme, this Lakers pullover hoodie is essential for any Laker fan who wants to rep their team and stay warm in process.

Price: $67.46


Los Angeles Lakers 3D Logo Pillow


After you’ve finished that big Christmas dinner and you’ve been for your walk, you’ll probably be pretty tired and will be ready for a nap. That’s where this Lakers pillow comes in handy.

There’s no better way to fall asleep than on the Lakers’ logo while dreaming about all of those championships they’ve won over the years. Jack Nicholson probably owns a bunch of these babies.

Price: $22.46


Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 10″ Player Plush Doll


If, like many of us, you’re away from a loved one at Christmas (aka Skip Baeless) then you’ll probably want something or someone to cuddle up with while you take that nap on your new Lakers pillow.

That’s where Kobe Bryant comes in. No, not the actual Kobe Bryant – that guy is already taken (sorry ladies). However, this Kobe doll is the next best thing.

Grab this doll and go to sleep with a Mamba Mentality every night. You know you want to.

Price: $17.96


Los Angeles Lakers Script Neon Light


If you want to have the swaggiest Lakers bedroom or lounge of all-time, you need this neon light. Seriously, just look at it in all of it’s purple neon glory. It’s beautiful.

Buy it now and be the envy of all your friends – and enemies.

Price: $53.96


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