Jim Buss gets a lot of bad press and a hard time from the fans, yet one league executive feels as if the son of the legendary Dr. Jerry Buss is misunderstood.

According to Ric Bucher, who did a in-depth piece on the Buss family for the Hollywood Reporter, one unnamed league executive said that Jim was “underestimated” and “smarter” than his sister, Jeanie:

[pullquote]But one league executive who has worked with the Lakers says Jim is underestimated. “Jim is an easy target,” he says. “But he’s smart, no question about it. He’s smarter than Jeanie.”[/pullquote]

Before anyone goes out and calls Jim Buss a failure, he should be given a fair few years to truly make his mark on the franchise. His moves so far have been extremely solid (who trades for Chris Paul, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard within two years? Most teams would be extremely pleased with that kind of a haul over a decade) and the hiring of Mike D’Antoni was Jerry’s decision, not Jim’s.

Simply put, Jim, Jeanie and the new Lakers regime needs to be given a fair chance before anybody labels them a failure.

Image via Hollywood Reporter

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