LeBron James Was Asked To Reveal His Favorite Kobe Bryant Play Of All-Time And His Answer Was Awesome

Despite never meeting in the NBA Finals, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have somewhat of a rivalry, though it’s been created by the media and fans.

However, despite Kobe and LeBron fans engaging in constant Twitter battles, the two guys are actually good friends and respect each other immensely, and this was evident today when James tweeted about the Black Mamba.

During a Twitter Q+A, LeBron was asked by user Majin Drew to reveal his “favorite Kobe play of all time.”

“[He] has way too many that I like to pick just 1,” LeBron replied, along with the hashtag “#MambaGotSoMuchGame.”


Game recognize game.

LeBron also tackled a “Space Jam 2” question, saying he’d “maybe” star in a remake of the classic Michael Jordan flick.


If such a movie ever does get made, the Black Mamba has to make a cameo.

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