These gift bags are incredible.

Those who were lucky (or rich) enough to have courtside tickets to Kobe Bryant’s final game on Wednesday were greeted with Black Mamba gift bags when they sat down in their seats.

Here’s what was inside the gift bags:

  • Kobe Bryant RoboJam 3.5 channel infrared helicopter
  • Mamba Day hat
  • Kobe “Legend” t-shirt
  • Kobe “Royalty” t-shirt
  • 20 fans received limited edition Kobe shoes

If you weren’t jealous enough already, here’s a look at all the items:

Here’s a closer look at those photos from Darren Rovell:





And if all that wasn’t enough, 20 fans in courtside seats received a limited edition pair of these Kobe Bryant Nike shoes!

Not only did these fans get to see one of the greatest basketball players of all time leave the game with a 60-point performance, but they also walked away with some amazing memorabilia that they will now cherish forever.

…or sell on eBay.

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