Luke Walton Helped The Warriors Win Another Ring With This Awesome Expletive-Filled Whiteboard Quote

Luke Walton may be the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers these days but he’s still happy to help out his former team from time to time.

On Monday night, the Golden State Warriors won another NBA championship after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals, and it seems Walton may have given Steph Curry and company a little extra motivation with a couple of whiteboard quotes.

In a photo shared by Warriors consultant Steve Nash, two quotes by Walton can be seen scribbled on a whiteboard, one from June 2015 when Golden State last won a ring, and one from this month when they secured their second championship in three years.

Here are the quotes – be warned, their expletive but awesome:

It’s not clear whether Walton provided the second quote after the Warriors blew the chance to sweep the Cavaliers in Game 4, but either way, it makes perfect sense. Golden State are a super team, and seeing as they cruised through the playoffs without losing until just a few days ago, they clearly could only beat themselves.

Walton probably won’t get a ring for this one, but who knows, he might end up luring a player or two away from the Bay one day by staying in their good books. It’s worth a shot, after all…

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