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Matt Barnes raids Nick Young’s Instagram comments; says Lakers’ “run is over”


Earlier today, Nick Young posted a photo to Instagram of the Lakers’ practice facility; in his view were a number of purple and gold banners. Young’s caption read, “That’s what’s it all about #Ships”.

Former Lakers-turned-Clipper Matt Barnes decided to jump into Young’s comments and stated that the Lakers’ “run is over”:

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As you can imagine, Laker fans on Instagram went in on Barnes, calling him everything from “washed up” to a “punk”. Barnes did have some replies to Laker fans, but sadly most are not suitable to be posted here.

The following screenshot can be shown, though – it seems that Barnes claims the Lakers reached out to him during free agency this year; not the other way around:


Barnes was rumored to be headed for either the Lakers or the Clippers in July for the mini mid-level exception. However, the Lakers used that money to sign Chris Kaman. Did the Lakers pass up the chance to sign Barnes, which in turn made him salty? Probably not, but let’s pretend they did – it’s more fun that way.

Young stayed silent during the fracas, which hopefully is a sign that he’ll let his game do the talking. The Lakers open their season against the Clippers on October 29.

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